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Tire Truing

Tire Truing in West Point, GA

Improve Performance with Tire Truing

At West Point Tire Company, we perform tire truing to fix out-of-round tires and provide you with a better ride. Also known as tire shaving, tire truing requires a special machine that shaves tread to make your tires as round as possible. While removing any tread from a tire might seem ludicrous to casual motorists today, it was once a popular service that still has utility today. 

We provide tire truing for West Point, GA, Valley, AL, Lanett, AL, and surrounding areas.

About Tire Truing

Before the 1960s, most tires reached the tire dealer out-of-round due to manufacturing limitations. As a result, the dealer would need to shave the tires until they were round or true. When radial tires became available, tire shaving lost status as a common service. However, even today's tires aren't manufactured as round as possible. While many motorists are happy with new tires today, performance seekers still benefit from tire truing.

Tire Shaving Benefits

Tire truing benefits include:

  • Balance: A wheel balance can solve vibration problems caused by differences in tire and wheel weight, but the best balance requires tires as round as possible. If you feel vibrations while driving caused by your tires, then tire shaving might be the best solution.
  • Grip: Shaved tires grip the road better for easier handling.
  • Performance: If you ever hit a road hazard, you know how frustrating it is to have to replace one tire. It's even more frustrating when the rest of your tires have some wear but have a long way to go before replacement. To get the best performance, tire tread should be equal across all tires. Tire truing allows you to match a new tire to like-new tires.

Schedule your service with West Point Tire Company today. We'll help you get the maximum value out of your tires.

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